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We connect you with unique and life-changing international learning experiences.

Through our programs, you can do your internship or placement, live in a new country, meet people from different cultures, make the most of your abilities... all in incredible places. What better way to do it!

Benefits of becoming a Kotraveler

Special for Students: Panama

Develop skills that add value to your life

such as flexibility, creativity, and cultural savvy, among many others!
Special for Students: Panama

Meet people from around the world

expanding your friendships, networks, and international contacts.
Special for Students: Panama

Upgrade your resume

with your international work experience and references, and certificates that endorse the completed program.
Special for Students: Panama

Explore a new and different culture

as you tour the beautiful landscapes and experience the adventures of your chosen country!

Special for Students: Panama

Increase your self-knowledge

discovering aspects of yourself that you would never otherwise.
Special for Students: Panama

Enhance your personal and professional skills

in multicultural companies of excellent level and prestige.
Special for Students: Panama

Get a chance to make an international career

thanks to your performance and contacts.
Special for Students: Panama

Contribute and make a difference in society

with your acquired knowledge.






Career Fields

Special for Students: Panama

Initial Interview Free of Charge

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Affordable Experiences

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Personalized Service

Special for Students: Panama

Excellent Alliances

parallax background
  • "The experience I had thanks to Komplement was full of nuances typical of the tourism industry and that was exactly what I was looking for. I was in the Experience area of ​​the hotel, where I connected with guests by organizing cinema, karaoke and beach clean-up activities. I was also in the Operations area, coordinating the daily communication between Reception and Housekeeping.
    Being able to do the internship in such a powerful destination makes me feel super prepared for the work challenges that come. I was able to learn about the way of doing tourism in the Riviera Maya and also enjoy and connect with people from all over the world."
    Ángelo S., from Chile Hospitality Internship; Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  • "Those were months in which I learned from everything and everyone and where I also gave myself the opportunity for them to learn from me. You don't have to stop looking for goals, they are there to make them come true and enjoy them. Thanks to Komplement team for helping me and guiding me through this placement and being a participant in every detail of this beautiful experience, the experience of meeting new smiles, cultures and lifestyles.
    Thank you Komplement for helping me achieve my goals."
    Belén H., from Chile Hospitality Placement; Costa Rica
  • "My experience in Mexico-Cancún was incredible. I worked and lived in a hostel-type hotel during 6 months. Mis co-workers helped me and supported me from the first day. They received me in a very nice way and made me feel at ease and comfortable all the time. Along the days and months we end up being a "family". You could say that I have a family in various parts of the world! My job at the Hotel was in Reception, which included receiving guests, do the check-in, check-out and help them in all they needed.
    Komplement was always in contact with me, they helped me and supported me when I needed it. Without them I think my experience would have been different and I am very grateful for that.
    If you have the possibility to travel, do it. Are experiences that you never forget!"
    Lucía SM., from Uruguay Hospitality Placement; Cancún, México
  • "I did my internship with Komplement in the Dominican Republic, where everyone was genuinely kind, concerned, and welcoming throughout my stay. The experience and professionalism made me grow as a person and future professional in the hotel industry. It is certainly something I would do again! Besides, I was able to get to know the place on my days off; it was great and unforgettable! Despite traveling in the pandemic, everywhere I went always took the appropriate safety measures.
    I am grateful for the management, support, and trust that Komplement gave me during the whole process."
    Camila T., from Chile Hospitality Internship; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • “I did an international placement in Peru through Komplement to learn and delve into the country's gastronomy.
    They helped me throughout the process from the start, guiding me on which country to choose, the perks of the experience, necessary documents, and how to position myself in a restaurant or hotel in Cusco. They were always available to help me in case of questions or problems and often checked up to know how I was adapting until I got back to Chile.
    This experience allowed me to go through different areas of the Hotel where I did my placement, learn about gastronomy and also about the culture and way of life of the locals. It was an integral experience, and I recommend it to all those interested in this opportunity and thinking about relying on Komplement's team.”
    Bernardita C., from Chile Culinary Placement; Sacred Valley, Peru

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