Why France?

Gastronomy, architecture, culture, art, history, countryside landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, the blue coast, cinema, music, fashion and much more is what you can find in beautiful France.

Paris, its capital, also known as the “city of lights” or the “city of love” is the most visited city in the world and with good reason. Paris is to fall in love with life and the city! Outside the capital, there are also innumerable attractions that fascinate, among its castles, landscapes, and incredible vineyards that offer world-renowned wines.

This diverse country located in Western Europe offers a combination of elements that will make your experience an unforgettable stay and an opportunity to learn from an excellent service and, for wine-world-lovers, the possibility of developing yourself in important vineyards.

Best time to visit

Due to its pleasant climate and the great variety of activities that France offers to the traveler, it is possible to visit it throughout the year. Between May and September there is the greatest influx of tourists, with June to August being the warmest months, ideal for visiting the coast.

If you are interested in the area of ​​Wine Tourism and Viticulture, the best months are between May and September.

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